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Why ERP? In every project oriented business there are combinations of problems which can be dealt by business process re-engineering. The benefits unfold in terms of: Business Integration Accountability Business Intelligence Reports Synchronization

Why Impulse ERP:

Impulse ERP is aimed at providing low cost customized solutions for project oriented businesses. MileSt ERP is an open-source platform independent solution with a customizable accounting and reporting system.
MileSt ERP has an ingenious project planning module which extends to activity planning Impulse Approach towards MileSt ERP
To agree upon the necessity to go ERP generates a lot of enthusiasm and at the same time a lot of queries. The approach was simple: one step at a time. Impulse SMEs worked with the business process owners to generate a white paper for the solution. They are as follows:
Define major financial requirements.
Determine the organizational impact of supporting these requirements and how to simplify the procedures. Process definitions and business flow to create the business blueprint. This involved simplification of processes by eliminating redundancy.
Discuss all aspects of the systems requirement for a program or a project WBS solution from general accounting, cost accounting, engineering, materials, production, sales, purchasing and especially, program management perspectives.